Fresh Free FiSSH!
Free Secure Shell Client for Windows 95/NT 4.0

We're currently putting the final touches on Free FiSSH, a SSH client that will be freely available for Microsoft Windows 95/NT 4.0.  For more information you can email us at  We welcome any comments or suggestions that you have.

Project Status and News (Old Project News)

May 18, 2000

We've received a couple reports that FiSSH crashes on Win9x. Maybe this will help. For this revision, FiSSH seems to work only on NT4 and Win2k. Good Luck! -- doug

May 12, 2000

It Be Here. Enjoy. Have Fun. Don't come to us with problems. Develop Away.

March 27, 2000

Some irate visitors to the website suggested that I put an update. So that's what I'm doing (you guys are all whiners!). Last I heard MIT is setting up the download page, mailing list and running it by their lawyers and such. I believe at this stage all the lawyer stuff is done - MIT now owns FiSSH and Peter Gutmann (whose library we use) has given his blessing for FiSSH distributions to use his libraries. Thanks Peter!

Anyway it's out of my hands now so just stay patient. Our last communication with MIT was last Monday, but the lead guy handling this is out of town so I'm not sure where it stands till he gets back. It sounds like they are pretty much ready and will begin distribution as soon as he gets back (I have no idea when that will be).

Go rate some movies or something if you want to kill some time.

February 1, 2000

Our first letter was fumbled by the post office, so we had to resend the letter. And success! We've received the acknowledgement from MIT. Keep your eyes peeled for where to download it hopefully in the new future. Final details are being worked out. Thank you for your continual interest in the project. Reminder to self: Next time we work on some free software, do not choose something that takes two years to get to the public because of arcane US law.

October 22, 1999

The official letter gifting FiSSH to MIT has been signed and sent off to MIT. If they decide to accept and all goes well - in theory a download will be available soon - we'll post links to their site as soon as we find out.

September 22, 1999

Wheels are turning with MIT, we don't know when the exact release date is yet. But it's coming...(doug)

February 11, 1999

All Right Already!  Stop Bitching At Us.  It's Coming.

Or keep bitching at us.  See if we care.

If you want something to do in the meantime go bug Brandon - we're putting up this cinema site which allows you to rate movies and stuff.  The more movies you rate the faster we'll work to get it out... (I'm kidding).  Hey as a bonus you can see what I think of some 300 movies!

Currently we're working with MIT (Yes those wacky people who gave you Kerberos and PGP) to arrange a transfer of our software to them as a gift.  In exchange they get to put their copyright onto it and distribute it.  That clears our legal butts.  Hopefully we'll be able to keep our names on the software to maintain our egos.

And Yes - for those of you who keep emailing there is some intention in the future to put all of you on a mailing list with which I can spam you with (FiSSH Spam Only - I Promise).

And No - It's not SSH 2.0 Compliant.  Sorry!

October 19, 1998

Most FAQ: Where the $#!& is it?

Answer: In a form ready for distribution and testing - but we want to make sure that we can release it in a manner that won't get us come under scrutiny from the federal government due to the current restriction on exporting cryptography in the United States.  There seems to be no clear manner in how this can be done yet.

Most sites throw up the common consent form up asking if you are from the US, promise that you won't use it for illegal activities - yada yada, and do a nominal domain check then allow you to download the software.  I'm not sure if this is enough to keep the feds happy but since our asses are on the line we want to do our due diligance.

Seemingly the most likely scenario is that we will not be distributing from this site but from external sites who will be able to do the due-diligance part on their servers.  Still investigating possibilities.

Doug has been working on the code even more and yes we are eager to distribute it.


I'm sure you'd love to hate me - screen shots of a product you can't yet get.  The ultimate tease.

More SSH Links and Resources

All the various web pages, RFCs, books, and other resources that we used to get the project done.

Once Upon A Project

Our old project meeting notes when we were still in school.

Developers (Cool!)


Locally Written Notes

Sample SSH Sesssion
As my understanding of the RFC grew, I sought to supplement the areas in which I thought could have been explained more clearly.  This sample session seeks to fill in all those gray RFC areas.  For those of you who really want to know how SSH does it's transactions.  This is a living document.

SSH Related Patents and Issues
Some information on various patent limitations that we should be aware of.

Spring Quater CSE190 Cryptography Presentation
Internet Technologies was Spring Quarter's CSE190.  Brandon, Tim, and Grean did a topic presentation of cryptography.  The webpages have been linked here.  They provide a general overview on cryptography and related links.

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