SSH Links and Resources

Latest SSH Specification (From IETF)
SSH Transport Layer Protocol
SSH Authentication Layer Protocol
SSH Connection Protocol
SSH Protocol Architecture

These drafts were released on August 6, 1998

SSH Specification That Project Was Based On (Version 1.5)
(Local link)

This is the RFC document included in the distribution source of SSH 1.2.22.

IETF Working Group Secure Shell (secsh)

This is the IETF working group who is trying to formalize the SSH standard.  The last set of documents here for the SSH Transport Layer, Authentication, Connection Protocols, and Protocol Architecture were updated on November 7th, 1997.  As of April 22nd, 1998 this is still unchanged.

SSH FAQ (HTML Version) (ASCII Version)

There is a local version also available here.

SSH Source Distribution (Current Version 2.0.9) (USA Mirror) (USA Mirror)

SSH Home Page

SSH Corporate Page

This is the corporate page for SSH.

Enter the Secure Shell - SunWorld February 1998 Article

As we are mentioned nowhere in this article I guess the various search engines hadn't found this page by the time this article was submitted.  Or else the author was wondering if we were "vaporware" <grin>.

Cryptographic Libraries

Comparison of Freely Available Cryptographic Libraries

A page comparing all freely available cryptographic libraries.  A pretty good resource that also details in which country these libraries were developed in.

RSAREF - Cryptographic Toolkit

RSA's public cryptography toolkit for non-commercial use.  This cannot be exported outside the United States.

Crypto++ 2.3 - Free C++ Cryptographic Library

A freely available cryptographic library.  This version was developed under MS Visual C++ 5.0 but compiles across many platforms.


Another cryptographic library but written in C.  This was rated with having good documentation in the comparison page above.

Useful Books That We Used

(Disclosure: The links take you to Amazon books where if you buy the book from the referral link that we provide help us keep our site running.  Feel free NOT to click if you do not wish to support us.)

Termcap and Terminfo
by John Strang, Tim O'Reilly, Linda Mui

I can't stress the importance of having this book around for any terminal implementation.  We initially thought that we could get by without this book - no way.  It may look thin but it is an invaluable resource like what the heck is this VT100 crap anyway - and what does it actually define?

Programming Windows 95 With MFC by Jeff Prosise
Programming Windows 95 by Charles Petzold

These two books were good resources to wade through the mysteries of Windows Programming.  We used MFC but knowing the basics of the WinAPI helps.  And maybe - just maybe there is a method behind this WinBlows Madness.

TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 & 2 (Addison-Wesley Professional Series)
by W. Richard Stevens (Volume 1) (Volume 2)

Excellent resource on how the TCP/IP stack and the Berkeley sockets implementation.  We used it for our telnet implementation.  Never thought telnet would be so friggin hard to implement.

The C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition
by Bjarne Stroustrup

Um - 'nuff said.

Code Complete
by Steve McConnell

We utilized some coding styles presented here in this book.

Rapid Development - Taming Wild Software Schedules
by Steve McConnell

Indispensable during our inital planning stages that allowed us to concentrate on the coding rather than the debugging.

Other Windows SSH Clients

PrivateShell Windows NT2K/XP Client (Commercial)
Private Shell

Private Shell is an advanced SSH/SFTP client, first released in May 2003. It includes basic ssh client features such as SSH1/SSH2 terminal connection, port tunneling, password/public key authentication, GUI and command line interface, Secure FTP add-on with explorer-like interface.
Direct link to download Private Shell
Screen Shot
Please note that we aren't endorsing Private Shell,but we do get kickbacs from them to help this site stay alive.

SSH Windows NT/95 Client (Commercial)

The commercial version was written by Tatu Yloenen, the author of SSH.

SSH Windows 95 Client (Freeware - Beta)

Cedomir Igaly developed a freeware version for Windows 95 that is unfortunately not all that stable.

SSH Windows NT Client - Command-line Port (Freeware)

This is a secure shell command line port for Windows NT based on the 1.2.14 distribution.  It has severe limitations and is not a full terminal.

LibSSH and WinSSH

From what I can tell of the source code Tadayoshi Kohno did a "port" of the UNIX source code rather than trying to proceed with an independent implementaiton.  He has also abstracted the core secure shell portions into an independent library.

Other Relevant Windows Source

Souce Code for VT100 emulation

Tera Term - Free Telnet for Windows

Written in MFC it is a good source on how to do sockets and stuff.

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